March 06, 2006

Something Felt Funny

Morning Workout
BIKE (on the trainer)
1 hour
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

Evening Workout
45 minutes

Random Comments: I got all dressed and ready to go out on my ride this morning. Had the tights on, the long sleeve shirt, jersey, arm warmers, helmet, shoes, glasses, gloves... When I say I was ready, I mean I was absolutely ready. I grabbed my bike and started walking out the door. But something felt funny. I checked the rear tire. Damn, a flat. I backed up and leaned the bike against the wall. Took off my gloves, my glasses, my helmet. Removed the shoes, the arm warmers, the jersey. Slipped off the tights. Got out my trainer, put the bike on that, turned on the TV, slipped on a t-shirt, hopped on the bike and started watching TV and pedaling for the next hour. I suppose I'll need to fix that flat tire sometime. I'm sure it'll be there waiting for me tomorrow.