March 21, 2006

The Eating Never Stops

Morning Workout
30 minutes on the treadmill
Heart Rate Zone: Maintained Lactate Threshold pace. Heart rate started in Aerobic (Zone 1) and moved on up to Lactate Threshold (Zone 2), as we all would probably imagine it would.

2500 yards
Main Set: 5 x 300 yards with 30 seconds rest in-between each one. I sure do this workout a lot, don't I.

Random Comments: The calf, it was fine throughout the run. It gave me hope that maybe someday I'll be able to run like a normal person. We all have to have dreams.

OK, I'm sorry already. Jeez. I mean, can't a guy get a chance to rest at all?! All your nagging and whining and why this and what that... really now, you need to relax. I said I'm sorry, and I am. I went away for four days, as you know. Well, not so much away physically - more away computer-ally. I'm back though. See, this is me typing.

It was my birthday, if you really must know. And Cat put together quite the birthday weekend for me. It was amazing. It started off with a surprise knock on the door Friday morning. Well, the knock wasn't the surprise, what was on the other side of the door was. I opened it, expecting to see Cat on the other side. I did. That wasn't the surprise part either, as I already told you. Next to Cat, there on the other side of the door as well, stood my mother and step-father, all the way from Florida. That was the surprise. I had absolutely no clue they were flying in. Apparently they did a little behind the scenes planning with my girlfriend over the past few months. Aren't they just the sneaky little whipper-snappers. Anyhoo, it was a wonderful surprise to see them and to get to spend a long birthday weekend with the family. It made me very happy. (Picture me smiling)

I'm not going to bore you with all the details of the birthday events, suffice to say, there were dinners and museums and lunches and parties and breakfasts and gifts and shopping and eating and eating and eating. And man am I stuffed. Fat face aside, I even managed to eek out an extra rest day in the whole mess of it all. That's right, no workout on Sunday or Monday. Yet another surprise. Ain't life full of them.

But the weekend is over and the week is in full swing. Consulting for the Company, looking for a job, managing my life... Maybe tomorrow I'll have something interesting to say. Right now, not so much. And lookee here, it's time to eat again.