March 14, 2006

A Lack Of Coefficiency

Morning Workout
2500 yards
Main Set: 5 x 300 yards off 20 seconds rest

30 minutes

Random Comments: I keep my mouth open when I swim. I've tried to close it, but the moment I stop thinking about it, like a goldfish it opens again. I wonder what it's doing to my drag coefficient. I wonder what my drag coefficient is. What is a coefficient in the first place? I vaguely remember random discourse about coefficients when I was in 9th grade. Would that be calculus? Or maybe it was phsyics. I wasn't paying attention. In fact, I don't think I paid attention throughout most of 9th grade. I remember my math teacher though. He fantasized about being a baseball player. When he noticed students not paying attention, he'd take the eraser off the chalkboard and, with astonishingly accurate aim, hurl that thing across the room at the unsuspecting victim. And I'm not talking about any lobbing softball toss. No way, this was a full wind-up, side arm fastball hurl from one corner of the room to the other. THWACK! - the eraser would hit me in the face. Yeah, I wish I paid more attention in 9th grade. Maybe I wouldn't have such an adverse reaction to chalk. And maybe I'd know what a coefficient is and have a better understanding of whether I need to really focus on closing my mouth when I swim. In the meantime, I'm just keeping it open. The downside is the crap that they put in the YMCA pool. I don't know what it is - though I know it's not chlorine - but when you keep your mouth open underwater, it really dries it out. It doesn't seem logical, the mouth getting dried out from being underwater so much. I know, I was confused too. But believe me, it's true. In fact, when you get out of the pool, your entire mouth tastes like chalk. Which gets me all scared of my math teacher again.