March 13, 2006

It Happened at 5:18 PM

Morning Workout
1 hour 20 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic

Random Comments: It was at precisely 5:18pm yesterday that I got sick. Clearly it wasn't one of those creep-up-on-you type of colds. One second I was fine, the next I was sick. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom... It was as quick and simple as that. Cat's cold, on the other hand, has been sneaking up on her since that whole frostbite/hypothermia fiasco this past Saturday morning. But her cold really slammed home sometime last night as well. Mind you, being sick didn't make the pizza and Soprano's watching any worse for us. That Sunday night ritual is still a pleasure whether I'm completely healthy or on my deathbed - it don't make no nevermind. This morning, however was a completely different story. My bike ride felt fine, aside from my nose running faster than I could soil my gloves. It's really when I stopped that the sickness caught up with me. Catherine, however, felt crappy from the get-go. She didn't even go biking today, that's how bad she felt. Now, it's 7:15 already and I'm still typing on the computer. I think it's about time I go laid on the couch and ingested some soup. After all, I have to wake up at 5:45 tomorrow morning and go swim in a cold pool. I'm sure that'll help make me healthy. Yeah, that's smart thinkin'.