March 26, 2006

Lo And Behold, Y'All

Morning Workout
2 hours
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic Conditioning (Zone 3) and higher

1 hour
Heart Rate Zone: Recovery (Zone 0) and Aerobic (Zone 1), though it was supposed to be Aerobic Conditioning (Zone 3) but, you know, I've got these achilles problems so let's not push it, ok

Random Comments: This morning's activity was filled with a fun little brick workout: 2 hours in the saddle followed by 1 hour pounding the pavement. I love these workouts. Short and exhilirating. However, as we all know by now, my achilles problems have been, well, an achilles heel in my training. (You've been waiting for me to use that play on words, haven't you? Well, ya little wiseacre, I've avoided it as long as possible and now look what happened - it finally slipped out. I hope you're happy with yourself.) So what with this whole leg pain thingy, I assumed I wouldn't be able to run after the bike anyway. But I figured I'd amuse myself and pretend I was actually going to head out. So I laid out the running clothes in my place - awaiting my lightining speedy transition off the bike. But knowing it was all just a farce, I gave it my damndest on the bike. I wanted to make sure I squeezed the most quality out of this half-of-a-workout as I could.

When I finished the ride, I figured I'd play the charade anyway, so I put on my running clothes and quickly headed out into the great big unknown. I started running and - oh! - slight twinge in the achilles. Predictable but oops anyway. I slowed 'er down to something just short of a walk. Lo and behold, y'all, the achilles pain quickly dissipated. I kept running down the block, then the next block, and the next... And Sweet Mama Pajama, the legs just kept feeling better. I mean, they were so relaxed and fresh - it was like I hadn't ridden at all today. I was so happy and smiling and laughing and saying things out loud that I probably should've kept to myself until all of the sudden I realized I was a mile from home. Lookee here, I've past the point of no return. Being so far away from my couch, I figured I'd do a really slow, really easy 30 minute loop. I was already going at a turtle-esque pace, if I could just keep it up for another 20 minutes my achilles may hold out and I'll be home free.

Fifteen minutes later I reached the turn-off back to my place. A quick right and I'd be five minutes from home. So easy, so simple, so close. But, I ask you, since when do I take the easy route? Since never, I tell you. I did a quick body check and, whooopie, it felt great. Legs were still relaxed, body wasn't hurting. Achilles? What achilles? What the hell, I thought, it couldn't hurt to go a wee bit more. So I did. Another block here, another block there. Next thing I know it's 1 hour into the run and with every step I'm feeling more and more like Forrest Gump. I could run forever. Granted, I was going slow. Very slow. I'm talkin' Heinz Ketchup slow. I'm talkin' about me being passed by Grandma McPudgy out for her morning stroll type of slow. But dang gummit, I made it through that one hour run with nary a problem. There might very well be hope for me after all. Hallelujah and amen, sista. Sing it like you mean it...