December 24, 2008

I had a good run today...

I went running today.
It was a good run.

I didn't run too fast and tire myself out quickly. I didn't run too slowly and get bored and frustrated.

It was a little brisk out so I had a few layers on. But I love running in cold weather.
There was a slight breeze out that was blowing through my hair and it made me feel as if I were running quicker.

I didn't wear a heart rate monitor. I didn't wear my watch. I didn't care how long I was gone, how hard, how far or how much.

I sang songs in my head. I smiled and laughed and loved my life.

I had a good run today.
For the first three blocks.

Then my calf cramped up again.
And I limped back home.

December 10, 2008

The Top 7 Reasons Why This Is My Favorite Photo Of Catherine

1. The very serious, concentrated look on their faces that says "I'm wearing my cowboy get-up and if y'all have a problem with it we can walk outside and settle this like thirteen year old girls dressed up as cowboys"

2. The bandannas tied around both their necks, with the knots perfectly placed just off-center, to the left. No way they didn't plan that one together.

3. Nobody else in the auditorium is dressed up, which makes me think that two people thought the costume party was on the wrong day.

4. The fact that the hat is too big for one of them and too small for the other. Couldn't they just switch hats?

5. The sheriff's badge on the vest. Ya gotta love the attention to detail.

6. The crazy guy mugging for the camera in the back left of the photo who, no doubt, grew up to be a serial killer.

7. Three words: Blazing Saddles extras