December 24, 2008

I had a good run today...

I went running today.
It was a good run.

I didn't run too fast and tire myself out quickly. I didn't run too slowly and get bored and frustrated.

It was a little brisk out so I had a few layers on. But I love running in cold weather.
There was a slight breeze out that was blowing through my hair and it made me feel as if I were running quicker.

I didn't wear a heart rate monitor. I didn't wear my watch. I didn't care how long I was gone, how hard, how far or how much.

I sang songs in my head. I smiled and laughed and loved my life.

I had a good run today.
For the first three blocks.

Then my calf cramped up again.
And I limped back home.


gman said...

haha! not as in "haha" i'm laughing at your misfortune, but "haha" as in that little posting had a surprise ending.

Kristen said...

Great post!