March 25, 2006


Morning Workout
57 minutes 55.3 seconds
3000 meters

Random Comments: Without a doubt, this morning was the longest consecutive swim I've ever done. So far, at least. I mean, I've swum 3000 meters before, but never without stopping. I was expecting to be bored. Even when I swim only 300 meters I tend to lose count of the laps. Here I had to be able to count all the way up to 3000 without losing my place. That's 60 laps. Oy, the pressure. I was also expecting to be tired. I mean, I usually get tired within the first few hundred yards of warm-up on my swim workouts, I couldn't begin to imagine what I'd feel like after these 3000. However, now that the 3000 meters is said and done, I'm ecstatic. It was great. Dar I say it was even easy. Perhaps I underestimated myself. Or perhaps it was the low expectations that set me up for success. Regardless, I'm pretty darn happy. Aren't you happy too? Let's be happy together.