December 20, 2005

Surfing The JuJu

Morning Workout
50 minutes
Zone: Aerobic

Random Comments: You shoulda seen the sunrise this morning. Good Lordy. The sky was on fire. It was like God was huddled in the corner of the night and lit a match that lit up the sky. And all the buildings reflected the firey orange of the sky in their windows making it look like a network of oversized heating lamps lining the coast of Santa Monica. The mountains were purple as the fog rose above them. I never really bought into that line "the purple mountains majesty" until I actually saw them this morning (fruited plain sold separately ).

Evening Workout
Main Set: 6 x 400m

Random Comments: Wooohooo! Foot cramp. Stretch. Woohooo!


I had bad juju today. I could feel it sink in after my run finished. Perhaps it started when the cleaning lady walked in while I was taking a shower. Or maybe it was when I got the e-mail this morning saying that I didn't win the $30MM business I was pitching. Or perhaps the following e-mail learning that my boss just won new business that I was supposed to be on.

Sometimes you just have to roll with the juju. If it's a good juju day, embrace it, revel in it, enjoy it. And when the bad juju comes along, you just have to ride it out until it takes a turn for the better. I surfed the bad juju today.

I'd have to say the highlight of my day was standing in line at the bank. I'd been surfing the bad juju for the entire morning and had to step out of the office to recharge the batteries. So I was just standing there in the bank line minding my own business when all of the sudden some thoughts of Catherine popped into my mind. They weren't even funny thoughts - just nice thoughts. But for some reason these thoughts got me chuckling. And the chuckling just kinda rolled in on itself and got me laughing. Well the laughing steamrolled all over me and suddenly I'm standing there in the middle of the crowded bank in outright hysterics. And I couldn't stop. The more I tried to stop, the more it overcame me. I tried thinking of serious things, I read signs, I bit my tongue, held my breathe... I tried all the tricks in the book but it just got me laughing harder. And when I noticed the others in line gazing at me like I'd gone nutty-go-crazy, well, that got me laughing even louder.

Finally, it was my turn to step up to the teller and seeing the look of fear and apprehension in his eye got me to calm myself down a wee bit. But I felt different at that point.

You know, I think I laughed the bad juju right out of my system.
I'm feeling like tomorrow is going to be a good day.