December 14, 2005


Morning Workout
50 minutes
Zone: Aerobic

Random Comments: Legs tight. Ankles hurt. Achilles feels like its about to snap. Cranky. Grouchy. Grumpy. Other than that, it was a pretty good run


For the first time in something like three weeks, I'm home alone doing nothing with nothing to do. Well, let me define "nothing to do" for you. In my current state of being, "nothing to do" means that I don't have any evening plans, no pressing work issues that have me preparing presentations or repurposing budgets, and no evening workouts on the schedule. It appears the stars have aligned and left me lying here comfortably on my couch.

Of course, I have about a billion other things on the to-do list, what with the outstanding Christmas presents I have yet to buy, outstanding e-mails I have yet to respond to, outstanding bills I have yet to pay and record company accounting I really need to review. But I told myself that I'd relax tonight. I'll leave everything else for me to stress about on Saturday. And odds are pretty good that Saturday will be a stressful one. But I'm not going to think about it. Look at me not thinking about it. Watch me change the subject. You ready? I'm going to change the subject in three.... two...... one.....

I've been pretty excited for this night. Excited to do nothing. But here it is, eight o'clock and though I'm lying on my couch doing the nothing I've been yearning for, I'm so tired I think I might fall asleep. That's the problem with running around so much - by the time you actually find some time to stop and breathe, you're so damn tired you can't even enjoy the quietude.

Someone famous once said that laziness is resting before you're actually tired. But if the actual laziness makes me tired, then what? Riddle me that one, Batman.

OK, I'm going to shut up now and put us both out of my misery.