December 04, 2005

Morning Workout
1 hour 20 minute
Zone: Aerobic / Lactate Threshold
Random Comments: My achilles hurt. And my calf. And my other calf. And my quads were tired. So, all in all, it was a pretty good run. Especially the really steep hills. Seriously, it was a pretty good run.

Main Set: 24 x 50m, 12 of them sprints
Random Comments: Had absolutely no desire to go swimming. And we went to the outdoor pool, so the 50-something degree air temperature made it really tough to go swimming. But once we started, it just got better and better. This is one of my favorite swim workouts. It's really painful, which is why I like it. Short bursts of pain. And, oh, by the way... Cat is getting to be a much faster swimmer. She's at my speed now. Which means she'll be kicking my ass within the month.