December 07, 2005

Magical Workouts

Morning Workout
1 1/2 hours
Zone: Aerobic

Random Comments: There's that wonderful Nike ad that says something like, "Somewhere out there is a sunny place, with tall palm trees, and a cool breeze... where all the second place guys train." Well I live in a sunny place. And there are millions of tall palm trees. And when the Santa Ana's come out, there's definitely a cool breeze. After being out here for a decade or so, your blood just gets used to living in paradise. Imagine my surprise at the 40-something degree weather on the bike this morning. When I lived in the 30 below of upstate New York, my fingers didn't feel like they were getting frostbitten and my toes didn't feel like they were about to fall off. Somehow, though, the 40 degree weather did them in this morning. My appendages have apparently become quite wussy over the years.

Evening Workout
55 minutes
Zone: Lactate Threshold

Random Comments: I love running. It's magical. It was an emotionally draining day at work. I didn't feel great when I started. I didn't feel great while I was running. But I sure felt great when I finished. Suddenly, the challenges of the day don't mean as much anymore. Poof - they're gone. See? Magic.


foodie18 said...

there you go - whining about a mere 40 degrees again. Man up.