December 25, 2005

The Christmas Runs

Morning Workout
1 hour 49 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1) / Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

Random Comments: Tired can be used to describe a variety of things. There is physically tired, as in "my legs were so tired from yesterday's bike ride, it's a miracle I got them to move at all." There is emotionally tired, as in "I'm just not excited to run, my mind is too tired to focus on anything serious... like moving my body." And there is mentally tired, as in "Run? Are you f***ing kidding me?! I'm still sleeping. I'm tired. Go away."


I love the Christmas morning runs. Always have. They are second only to the New Years morning runs. It's just so goddam peaceful so early on Christmas morning. There are no cars on the road and nary a soul outside. I love the freedom of running down the middle of the street - straddling the double yellow line with not a care on my mind. It's a Runner's World moment if I ever had one.

When I run through each neighborhood early on Christmas morning, the houses are so calm and quiet, I can practically feel the people nestled all snug in their beds and taste the visions of sugar plums emitting from their fat little heads. I can sense the anticipation of Christmas morning. Everybody sleeping so soundly only to wake up to a bevy of gifts under the tree, overflowing the room in ribbons and bows and all sorts of other recyclable products that will most likely not be recycled. Every once in awhile you pass by a house with a child out front already playing with his new tractor or trying to ride his new bike, despite the inherent challenges of pedaling with pajama feet on.

There's nothing but happiness in the air on Christmas morning. And no matter how tired you are from the previous day's bike ride, and no matter how emotionally drained you are from month after stressful month of work, and no matter how tuckered out you feel from never catching up on all of the missing sleep you've been desperately searching for - the Christmas run brings peace, happiness and tranquility. In the same way so does Christmas. Regardless of your religion, your belief, your age, race or mindset, there's something about Christmas time - about the feeling of Christmas, the unaffected honesty and beauty of it all that just makes the entire day a magical moment.

Of all the deeply profound and meaningful things he's said in his life (and there have been many), I do believe Bryan Adams was at his most profound peak when he sang : There's something about Christmas time, something about Christmas, that makes you wish it was Christmas every day.

True dat, Bry. True dat.

Merry Christmas - today, tomorrow and forever on.