December 12, 2005

A Quick Trip Downhill

Morning Workout
BIKE (not outside...the trainer)
45 minutes
Zone: Aerobic

Random Comments: Truth be told, I was supposed to bike for 90 minutes outside but I couldn't get any of my lights to work and it was too dark outside to go out without lights. Either that, or I was too tired and looking for excuses. Either way, I convinced myself that 45 minutes on the trainer is equal to 90 minutes on the road. And I believed it. I should join a debate team. Or at least a self-debate team.


It was the office Christmas party tonight. We had a booze cruise. There was definitely a lot of booze to be had. As far as the cruise part of the event, if you call a "cruise" a boat going up and down the canals of Marina del Rey for four hours, then yes, it was a cruise. As for me, it seems more like a jaunt. Our Christmas party was a booze jaunt. In fact, at one point the boat just stopped right in the middle of the canal for about 45 minutes and nobody else seemed to notice. I think the Captain just wanted to take a nap and realized that everybody else on the boat was so drunk they'd think they were moving anyway. Apparently it worked.

I'm the "grey hair" in the company. It's not that I'm physically just about the oldest person working there, which I am, but that mentally I feel pretty damn old. I mean, these kids are partying like it's 1999, and they probably never even heard of that song. As for me, all I can think about is the 6am wake-up call in order to meet Cat at the pool by 6:30 and go for a swim. Even if that weren't true - even if I didn't have a swim on the calendar - it's rare that I see the darker side of 10pm. My body tends to give out at about 9pm and takes a quick trip downhill right after that.

It's 11pm right now. I think I just turned into a pumpkin. Or at least a pomagranate.