April 26, 2006

What Ever Happened to Dick Van Patten Anyway?

Morning Workout
3000 yards
Main Set: 3 x 600 yards off 30 seconds rest

Random Comments: It is 10:40pm right now, a mosquito wing short of 2 hours passed the point in which my chariot turns into a squash-like vegetable. My mind has already turned into a squishy squashy morsel, however, I am digging into my sanity reserves and trying to pack for race weekend. That's right, St. Anthony's Triathlon is this Sunday. Not only is this our first race of the season, but it's a full-on family event. Five of us (including me and Cat) are racing on Sunday and if you pile on the three generations of spectators, there will be about thirteen of us down there. I have no doubts it will be fun, I just have a hard time building up that excitement right now as I sit here pre-sleep with my pain-filled back, tired legs and an alarm clock that is primed to start yappin' away in a little over 6 hours. I'm at the stage where I've packed my bag but it is only half full. Or half empty, depending on your psychology of traveling. For the life of me, I can't get my mind to figure out what I've forgotten to pack - even though I've reviewed my packing list at least four times. Yet I know that come tomorrow afternoon I will suddenly remember the billions of things that have yet to be crammed in there. Better yet, I will probably awake amidst my 6 hours of sleep and drag myself out of bed to grab that extra bottle of anti-fog so I don't forget to bring it because I know if I don't do it right then and there it will keep me up all night as I try to remember not to forget. OK, listen to me... damn I'm tired. I'm going to sleep. I've got a busy day tomorrow. Stop talking to me already.