April 20, 2006

Ad Noying

Morning Workout
5 x 800 meters + 5 x 400 meters
Heart Rate Zone: About two beats short of a myocardial infarction.

Random Comments: What with the continuously recurring leg injuries, I haven't had a chance to do any serious speed workouts this year. In fact, conveniently enough, I spent the entire speed/strength phase of my training whoopin it up in the Aqua Jog lane with all of my geriatric comrades. So this morning was my first real track/speed workout in something short of, oh, about four years. To really describe how painful it was would require me to complain to you every ten minutes throughout the entire day about how my quads are hurting. "My quads are so sore," I'd say ad infinitum. Perhaps even ad nauseum. Definitely ad perpetuum. And just when you're about to thwack me upside the head, I'd switch it up to something like, "How do your legs feel? Mine are in so much pain. You wouldn't believe how much pain they are in." And I'd continue on until you can truly believe how much pain they are in, because that's how annoying I can be when I really put my mind to it.


Kylie said...

haha nice.
I had that feeling last week... I think my (non-tri) friends got tired of knowing it ;-)