April 05, 2006

The Twelve Minute Push

Morning Workout
BIKE (on the trainer)
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Heart Rate Zone: 4 x 12 minutes at Steady State Threshold (Zone 4)

Random Comments: It was raining again but, believe me you, I made sure the window was opened during my workout this morning. Lord knows I didn't want to risk odoriferous asphyxiation like last week's disaster (see Whatchoo Talkin Bout Willis for the gruesome details). As usual, the first 12-minute push was painful and dreadful in a fun way that only the triathlete or cyclist can truly understand. As for the next three 12-minute sessions, well they were painful too, if not a bit less dreadful. Think of it like this... Picture somebody came up to you and twisted your arm behind your back, jolting it up just short of snapping the darn thing right out of its socket. You feel that wince of pain, don't you? That was my first set. Now, let's imagine that person just kept your arm locked behind your back for, say, 45 minutes straight. Sure it would hurt, but eventually it wouldn't be as dreadful as that first jolt of pain-induced nausea. You'd either get used to the pain or your body would become numb to it. Which really is probably the best way to sum up my workout this morning. But apparently this pain is making me a stronger person. So maybe one day I'll be able to beat you in a race. With one arm tied behind my back. Just short of snapping out of its socket.