April 07, 2006

The Day After The Day Before The Day Before Tomorrow

I usually don't do much writing on my rest day because, well, it's my rest day. My body is tired, my brain is tired, my fingers are tired. After six long days of creation, God, for instance, didn't bother creating anything on Sunday. He rested too. Not that I'm saying I'm God. I'm not. In fact, I wouldn't even want the job if it were offered to me, which to my knowledge it hasn't been. The job comes with too much pressure. You've got so many different people talking to you all at once, everybody asking you for this and that, talking about where and when, making false promises left and right - I just wouldn't be able to handle it. And the swearing? Good Lord, how the hell would I be able to stand people swearing at me so much? Frankly though, I think the entire God organization is having a bit of trouble these days anyway. I haven't checked their stock price lately but I know it's been falling rapidly. What with the Darwinian faction creating all the hoopla with their bruhaha, and the priestoids playing out their biblical fantasies with the young nubiles, I'm not sure if the God Company is doing any better than our US government. And since I brought that up, the fact that our Homeland Security officer was caught living out his child pornography fantasies makes me suddenly realize that the US government and God, Inc. are all rowing similar boats towards the same waterfall and I'm not sure if they'll be able to jump ship in time. Which in turn gets me scared about where the world is headed and, more specifically, what will be happening with the United States over the next few years. I remember living my life in constant fear during the Cold War. It was as if we were all jumping on broken glass, knowing that eventually one of those shards would puncture society, most likely through some sort of atomic weapon that would cause a sudden need to redraw all the US maps. Perhaps with California missing. The terrorism of today has awoken those feelings yet again. I don't know if the water I drink is contaminated with lethal chemicals, if the plane I fly in has a bomb in the luggage bay, if the building I work in will suddenly explode. I don't know if our government has created such enormous ill-will in the international landscape that what is now a position of super-powerdom will quickly turn into the loneliness of an isolationist bully, cause no matter what anybody says, the kid who steals the milk money every day will never be the most popular person in school. I don't know if the economics of consumerism will send all the US money to countries we've pitied for years. While we were so busy feeling bad for them, they were busy taking business acumen night classes. There's so much worry available in the US these days, it's unbelievable. If you're looking for something to worry about, I've got a grab bag for you that's filled to the brim. Which I guess is one reason why triathlon is such a great reprieve. There's a freedom in knowing that I can keep improving on myself and getting better, stronger and faster. In knowing that the only limitations I confront are those imposed by my own body and mind. There is a freedom in triathlon that brings ones perspective down to its most basic, granular level; that all I have and all I need is right here, right now. In a world of global estrangement, it is a peaceful, unifying force - and it allows a reformed hobbledehoy like myself, to accomplish the unfathomable.

....Now do you understand why I don't write on rest days?