April 08, 2006

To All The Cells I've Loved Before

Morning Workout
5 hours 22 minutes / 91.9 miles

Random Comments: All in all it was a great ride. Well, just short of great. One water bottle short of great, to be exact. I was one water bottle short of having a wonderful ride. One water bottle away from not being a dribbling, incoherent fool at the end of it all. But, alas, with no money I could not get that extra liquid I needed to keep my energy cells from dying rapid, pain-filled deaths. One by one the cells marched to their demise. With each pedal stroke I could hear another cell kick the bucket. I pushed with my right foot - "aaaaaarrrrhhhh" - then my left - "uggghlgggg" - then my right - "acchhhh" - and my left - "noooooo". They were good cells. Good, decent cells who lived distinguished, reputable lives; who carried my weary body up hills and through dales time and again. Because I was just one bottle short, they gave their lives for me today in honor. They will be missed dearly, the cells. Let us all have a moment of silence in their memory.... that is, right after I drink this glass of water.