April 16, 2006

Since When Does "The Hair Of The Dog" Apply To Training?

Morning Workout
3 hours 15 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Recovery (Zone 0) + Aerobic (Zone 1)

1 hour 30 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Recovery (Zone 0) + Aerobic (Zone 1)

Random Comments: This is by far the longest, most grueling recovery workout I've ever done. Period. Granted, we weren't going that fast and weren't using up a lot of energy, but yumpin yimminy... a 5 hour recovery workout after yesterday's tiring extravaganza?! Let's be serious here people, just the term "recovery" implies, say, a 30 minute slower-than-all-hell run followed by an obscenely large breakfast, two hours of reading the paper, an obscenely large lunch, one hour of crossword puzzle, a nice relaxing afternoon nap, an obscenely large dinner and a vat of ice cream. And here we are on Easter morning and, if I may add, a fair bit of Easter afternoon biking for 50 odd miles and running for 10 odd miles, all on legs so tired I think they may very well fall off. Now as I lay here on the couch typing this, everything hurts. And I mean everything. Not only do all my regular muscles hurt, but I do believe that I grew new muscles today and, yes, they hurt too. Recovery?! I spit in the general direction of your so-called recovery. Ccchat-ptewie!