April 04, 2006

I Got It! I Got It!......I Don't Got It.

Morning Workout
30 minutes that flew by so darn quickly. Am I really starting to enjoy this?! Please tell me I'm not enjoying this. I can't possibly be enjoying this.

3200 yards
Main Set: 4 x 400 yards off 20 seconds rest

Random Comments: Something happened halfway through my swim, somewhere around the one mile mark of the workout. Here's what happened: I started going faster and the swim got easier. Yep, faster and easier all at once. That's good, I think. That's what's supposed to happen, right? I don't even know how it happened or what it was that caused it to happen, but it did. Apparently I got locked into some kind of groove somehow. I'm not saying I was flying through the water like Sir Phelps. No no, not even close. But apparently I was moving fast relative to my normal piddly puttering. Suddenly I "got it," whatever the hell that means. And each 400 yard repeat was easier and faster than the previous. In fact, my last 400 yard set was 15 seconds faster than my first. Fifteen seconds, I tell you! That's like twelve days in dog-swim minutes. I swim again tomorrow morning. I'm curious to find out if I still "have it." I'm scared I've already "lost it." In which case I'm really going to have to start "looking for it" until I "find it" again.