April 11, 2006

I Wonder If I Can Hop A Time Trial

Morning Workout
3 mile time trial (oh look, it rhymes)
Heart Rate Zone: VO2 Max (Zone 5)

1500 meters
Main Set: Um.... I didn't make it to the main set. I take that back. I made it to the main set but then crashed and burned. Today's main set consisted of a whopping 300 meters instead of the 1800 meters that it was supposed to be. Yeah, I had a crappy swim today so I decided to stop. You gotta problem with that?! I didn't think so.

Random Comments: As you know by now, I've been having some pretty frustrating achilles problems for the past, oh, fifteen years. But if for nothing more than to amuse myself, I decided to head out to the track at the wee hours this morning to piddle through the 3 mile time trial. Of course, the real trial would be whether I could even make it through the three miles. But I figured if I could break 30 minutes, it'd be a happy day. So I started the activities with what was going to be a slow one mile warm-up jog. I got the slow jog part done pat.. .it's just the "one mile" part of that equation didn't add up. In fact, the first two laps were feeling like they may also be my last two laps. My calf was a little tight and I got a few random twangs of discomfort in there. That's really what it feels like in my calf muscle, a twang. Actually, more like a twangggggg, where the string just continues to reverberate long after the plucking has faded. All banjo analogies aside, I started chastising myself for not making this workout an aquajog like any sensible similarly injured person would do. However, instead of calling it quits and never even beginning my time trial, I decided to hit the start button on the third lap. Hell, if I wasn't going to be able to go the entire distance, I at least wanted to get past the damn startng line. Lo and behold, I made it around the track once and it wasn't too painful. Then twice. And three times and suddenly my first mile was done. As I continued running my leg continued to feel better. And next thing I know I'm starting my second mile and realizing that I'm running faster than I've run since this plucking injury consumed me in the first place. And by golly jimmy jehosefats, my legs are starting to feel pretty good. So I picked it up a bit more. And suddenly I felt that wave flow over me - that wave that says everything feels good. And within minutes I crossed that finish line. I looked at my watch. 23:07. I quickly calculated that out to be about 7:40 per mile. I yelped in my mind. I screamed in joy in my mind. I hallelujahed like I haven't ever before. And then I smiled. And all was good in the world.


Kylie said...

The run sounds like it felt great! So I know you were singing in your mind... but did you do any cartwheels? =)

-- Kylie