April 02, 2006

A Safari In My Mind

Morning Workout
5 hours 15 minutes (just a periwinkle short of 80 miles)
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1), Lactate Threshold (Zone 2) and places beyond.

30 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Recovery (Zone nil) + Aerobic (Zone 1)

Random Comments: For the first time in just short of ever, I drank and ate the amounts I was supposed to on the bike ride. I locked in my nutrition, as we like to say in the business. The good news about this news is that I finished the ride with a fair bit of energy left and a fair bit of my mental capacity still in place, as opposed to my usual incoherent, maniacal, overly-pained and pretty darn angry state of post-ride being. The bad news is that I peed a river - or, more likely, an ocean - during the ride. I think I had to stop and pee four times in the five hours - and that doesn't count the bladder pains I was experiencing during the last half hour when all I could focus on was the privacy of my own white porcelain bowl. It was a wierd feeling to finish an 80 mile ride and not end up a pile of rubbage on the wayside. A wierd feeling indeed. And the run? Whoooeee, it felt good. My legs had that oh so fresh feeling that would've had me bounding about like a gazelle or a dikdik or a kob or, at the very least, a beisa oryx, if it weren't for the concern about the achilles. So, alas, though I felt wonderful, I guess you can say I was more bonobo-like than anything else.

Don't you feel like you're on the Discovery Channel?