April 17, 2006

My Own Private Reasons For Driving

Evening Workout
1 hour

Random Comments: I so desperately want to have something valuable to say tonight. Or at least some humorous anectdote that I can share with you. But, alas, I have nothing. My mind is as blank as Mel. See, even that wasn't the remote bit funny. For goodness sakes, you probably didn't even get the fact that it was a Mel Blanc joke. So why am I typing? I guess I'm writing this because I know way deep inside me there is something to be said. As you can probably imagine right about now, this is the point where I segue oh so smoothly to Ironman training. You ready for it? OK, here it is... Everybody who participates in an Ironman has a personal reason for doing it. Racing an Ironman distance race isn't just one of those things you decide to do on a whim like, say, that 5k fun run you and your buddies decide to do the night before while you're out at the bar joking around and pounding beers like the alcohol loving lush you really are. No, no... there has got to be something deep within you that drives you to compete in an Ironman. Racing this distance isn't normal. In fact, I challenge you to find me a medical study, any medical study, that proves Ironman racing is actually healthy for you. Let me save you the time - you won't find any article because it doesn't exist. Not only is it not normal to race this distance, but it's not even healthy to tax the body like this. So why the hell do we do it? Y'know, the thing is that everybody who does race Ironman has their own reason for doing it. Truth be told, when you first start your training you may not even know exactly what that mysterious light is inside you. But the more you train, the more you realize that there is, in fact, a reason deep down within you that is continually driving you forward. And the more you train and the closer you get to that race, the more you can begin to understand what drives you forward and what will ultimately carry you to the finish line. You begin to become one with that reason. It is your nourishment and your sustenance. Cause in the end the only thing there is between you and the finish line is a clock that stops at 17 hours and your own private reason to keep pushing forward and beat that clock.