January 15, 2006

Our First Half-Marathon Together

Morning Workout
RUN(Carlsbad Half-Marathon)
1 hour 53 minutes 12 seconds
Heart Rate Zone: Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

Random Comments: The Carlsbad Half-Marathon is our first race of the season - and it's a beauty of a race as it winds and rolls along the gorgeous San Diego coastline. For the most part, Catherine and I had a wonderful run - and a fun one. We kept a steady pace that I think averaged somewhere in the 8:30 per mile range of life. Nothing overly strenuous or too easy. Unfortunately Cat's hamstring was really hurting throughout the run. We had to make a pit stop around mile 3 for her to stretch it out. But she's a trooper and didn't complain at all throughout the race. Around mile 11, it felt like somebody shoved an ice pick through my left achilles. I screamed a little bit in shock, and slowed down a tad for a couple of seconds until it faded away. In the end we finished together and we finished strong. Next on the list: the Palm Springs Century.