January 19, 2006

A Mad Dash

Morning Workout
2200 meters
Main Set: 15 x 100 meters (10-15 seconds rest between each)

Random Comments: Getting undressed poolside, outside, in 46 degree weather wasn't so bad. Cold standing there in my skimpy swim suit, but not bad. It made the jumping into the 79 degree pool water feel pretty darn good. In fact, the overall workout was great as well. None of those activities were a challenge. No, the real challenge was after I finished the work out, getting
out of the 79 degree water, sopping wet, back into the frigid 46 degree weather, headlong into the 17 mile per hour wind gusts and onto the ice cold concrete. I grabbed my towel and made a mad dash to the locker room. Love the winter morning swims in the great outdoors.