February 28, 2006

Hundred Yard Sprints Are Muy Macho

Morning Workout
2000 yards
Main Set: 15 x 100 yard sprints (30 seconds rest between each)

Evening Workout
40 minutes

Random Comments: According to The Grand Plan, I was supposed to go for a 30 minute run prior to my swim sprints this morning. Which probably explains why I donned my running shorts and running shoes and went to the gym. Yet as I was walked up the stairs to the entrance I felt a wee bit of discomfort in the achilles. I had thought that if I just ignored my achilles injury over the past few days that it might just go away. Apparently that plan didn't work out so well. Back to the drawing board on that one, I guess. So as I walked up the stairs in discomfort, and realized that I probably shouldn't put undue pressure on the ole achilles, I decided to jog in the pool in its stead - always an embarrassingly boring time, the pool jogging alongside the blue-hairs. Yet when I got to the pool, the "slow and old" lane was coincidentally jam packed with slow and old people and, hence, there was no room left for me to water jog. Darn. So I did what any normal Ironman training fool would do and went right into my 100 yard sprints. After all, when compared to pool jogging, doing fifteen 100s is definitely muy macho. All that sprinting felt great. Although they were fairly tiring, I somehow managed to cut 5-8 seconds off my sprint times since the last time I did these darn things. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice. I love feeling like I'm not improving at all only to find a few weeks later that I've improved quite a bit.

Star Spotting Of The Day: Casey Kasem, Mr. Top 40 himself

: Colorado Ave and 23rd Street in Santa Monica

What He Was Doing
Cruising in his black Mercedes, lookin' like the pimp-daddy he is, driving down Colorado Ave in Santa Monica smack dab between the MTV offices and the Universal Music offices.