February 14, 2006

Burned Out?! Pshaw!

Afternoon Workout
50 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

Random Comments: Yeah, yeah, I was burned out yesterday from all this exercise. I’d had enough. Couldn’t pedal another revolution, swim another stroke or run another step without wanting to kill somebody. Mostly myself. So you know what I did this morning? I’ll tell ya – I slept in. That’s right - no alarm, no early morning wake-up, no exercise. No nothin’. I decided I wasn’t going to workout today. Big executive decision that, fortunately, got passed by the Board of Directors of My Brain late last night (after a bit of lively discussion, I may add). What with no burned out workout in my early morning future, I was able to sleep all the way until 6:20am. I know, I know… I’m crazy. Loony. Livi
ng on the edge. Well, that’s the way I roll, yo. So I got up at the crack of 6:20 and had a nice relaxing morning. Read the paper, had a cuppa tea, a normal breakfast and casually started the day’s activities that I needed to accomplish. Well, as you can probably guess, come noon-thirty I couldn’t hack it anymore. I was going crazy from such a sedentary existence. How can I possibly last so long without doing anything? What am I – a fat pig? I could already feel obesity setting in while at the same time my muscles were atrophying. My life was going to hell, handbasket or not. So I strapped on my running shoes (well, strapped might be a bit of an exaggeration) and I galloped off into the mid-day smogset. Running along the beach in the middle of the day is an exhilarating experience. It was so fun, it plum wiped the burned out feeling right out of me. I felt much better after that run. And now, lookee here, I still have an extra “take a rest day” token to use in the future. I love when that happens. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout.

Star Spotting Of The Day: Madeline Stowe
Location: Peet’s Coffee House in Santa Monica
What she was doing: Umm…. getting coffee… What else does one do at a coffee shop? Silly question.

Yesterday’s Star Spotting Of The Day: Calista Flockhart
Location: San Vicente Blvd next to the Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood
What she was doing: Running. And she sure looked like hell. If she didn’t have plastic surgery, she needs it. If she did have plastic surgery, she should get her money back.

I’ve decided to add this Star Spotting Of The Day tidbit to the blog because, well, I like making fun of people. Granted, there might be weeks that go by without a significant star spotting, but I’ll try to keep my eyes open for you.