February 13, 2006

Happy McJolly

Morning Workout
1 hour 30 minutes (10 minutes at a 90 rpm cadence, 5 minutes at 70 rpm. rinse. repeat.)
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

Evening Workout
RUN (treadmill)
30 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

45 minutes

Random Comments: I'm feeling burnt out this week. Burnt out? Burned out? Either way, somethings burning and it smells coincidentally like my spirit. I think it was that Palm Springs 102 miler that did me in. Those 90 minutes between miles 70 and 95 weren't necessarily pure hell, but they definitely were not very diluted. It sucked the life right out of me. I wasn't yet delirious, but I could hear the pink and purple polka dot elephants approaching. I didn't hit the wall, but I could see the bullseye right smack dab in the middle and I was going fast, headed straight for it. It's tough for me to just bounce right back after that. I muddled through the run and swim yesterday because that felt like a recovery workout. I could justify a recovery workout. But how the hell do I justify todays workout? I mean, today required me to get right back into the training mindset and, good golly Happy McJolly, it just ain't workin'. I glanced at the training schedule for the rest of the week and, surprise surprise, it just gets more challenging. It's only February and already I'm wondering when this will ever stop. Somebody... somebody please.... make the bad man stop.