February 19, 2006

Striving For Sanity

Afternoon Workout-ish
50 Minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Recovery (ummm... Zone Zero?) and Aerobic (Zone 1)

Random Comments: Cat thought I was joking this morning. All I said was How about we take the day off, stay in and watch movies? She chuckled. Then she said, Sure. But she was still chuckling. I'm serious, I said, let's take the day off and watch movies. I waited for her response, but I knew what it would be. No, she'd smile, we've got a two hour run and then have to go lift weights. You can imagine my surprise when she said, OK. I could barely believe my ears. How exciting. We rushed to the couch and started our DVD watching (
Good Night and Good Luck, Hustle & Flow...started Capote but the DVD wasn't working..) By 3:30 we had eaten ourselves comatose and semi-reluctantly decided to go for a run. But we made it a day-off run, which is good, because my legs were so tired they needed a day-off. I suppose a 50 minute run is as close to a day off as I'm gonna get.

Triathletes are crazy. Too many of them are obsessed. I used to make fun of the obsessed triathletes. I wondered what it takes to turn somebody into that type of monster. What does it take to lose such a grasp on reality. And then one day I read the crap I write in this blog. And as I looked into that mirror, I suddenly realized that they are me. I am them. Damn. I hate when that happens.

Cat and I weren't real excited to go on our run today so we did what any other overly obsessed triathlete would do in Los Angeles - we went house hunting. When I say that, you're probably thinking about us spending hours driving around from place to place, going in and out of open houses. Or maybe you're picturing us cruising through nice neighborhoods and drooling at the beautiful properties. Well, you clearly forgot that we are obsessed triathletes. Like our obsessed kinfolk, we had to blend our house hunting in with our workout. Yes, for the next hour and a half we ran from open house to open house, Brentwood to Santa Monica, walking through each available property before pounding the sidewalk and raising that heartrate once again. It was the most tiring house-hunting jaunt I've ever been on.

At the time, it seemed like a very efficient way to balance training with having a sane life. I suppose that's the irony of it all though, the simple act of striving for sanity becomes proof of insanity. In hindsight, I suppose when you start incorporating house hunting in with your running workout, you've truly gone too far. But it was fun. And I'd do it again.

I suppose I'm crazy like that.

[By the way...No, we're not looking to buy a house, just checking out the market. And, no, we have no plans to even live together now. I'll let you know when that happens.]