May 17, 2006

Workouts With A Cherry On Top

Morning Workout
1 hour
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

Random Comments: Sometimes it's the easiest workouts that are the most difficult to get motivated for. I mean, let's be real folks, a one hour easy spin?! For Godsakes, I'd probably be better off sleeping for an extra hour instead or, better yet, sitting at the local diner eating scrambled egg whites, a stack of potatoes (well-done, of course), a few links of sausage (turkey, please) and whole wheat toast (dry, thank you very much). You know what, while we're at it, why don't you throw in a tall stack of those chocolate chip, strawberry pancakes. They look really tasty. Feel free to be heavy on the syrup. Yeah, sure, throw some of that whip cream on top too - why not.

But the reality of it all is that I'm not at the diner and I'm not still in bed, I'm out on the bike for only one hour which, oddly enough, feels like it takes forever. These one hour easy spins are like purgatory. It's far from an excruciating workout and not quite a rest day. But it keeps the legs moving and the heart somewhere above comatose, which I guess is the point of it all. As for tomorrow, my workout consists of five 100 meter sprints in the pool with one minute of rest in-between. If I calculate correctly, which I do, the entire workout should take me a little less than 15 minutes. Of course, that doesn't count the 20 minutes of travel time.

Hmmm... maybe I'll find myself at the diner after all.