May 26, 2006

Good - It Rhymes with "Holy Shit"

Coach Gareth just sent over our training schedule for June, the last full month of training before the Ironman extravaganza. It looks good. That is, it looks good if you consider "good" to be 20-30 hours per week of exercise. If you consider "good" to be a 2 1/2 hour ride and ninety minute run starting at 4:30 or 5am on a weekday then, yep, this is good. If when you hear the word "good" you immediately dream of six to seven hour bike rides followed by thirty to sixty minute runs, then this is the training schedule for you. If when you dream of "good" you have visions of high intensity 2 mile swims coinciding with one to two hour runs followed by an hour of weight lifting, then, by golly miss molly, have I got a training program for you.

As for me, well, I must say.... it looks good.

Star Spotting Of The Day: Al Teller, former Chairman and CEO of MCA Music, former President of Columbia and CBS records. (I'm not sure this one is actually a "star" but he's a recognizable figure in the business world. Well... recognizable in the entertainment world, at the very least. Ummm..... the music world?? OK, OK, maybe I'm stretching here... Maybe he's not recognizable at all. Jeez, why you gotta be so harsh today...)

: Whole Foods in Santa Monica

What He Was Doing
: Rifling through the bagel bin in his baseball cap and sunglasses. You can always tell somebody who is looking to get noticed - they're the ones wearing the sunglasses indoors. For all you people out there who think that wearing sunglasses inside will make you incognito, let me help bring you a little closer to reality: it doesn't work. You might want to wear a big chicken suit, that oughta have just about the same effect.