May 31, 2006

Double Double

Morning Workout
2 hours 31 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

Evening Workout
BIKE (yeah, again..)
57 minutes on the trainer
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic Conditioning (Zone 3)

Random Comments: I remember back when I was young and stupid, how I'd wake up early in the morning and go for a really long, really challenging run. Then I'd go to work for the day, come home in the evening and go for another long, fairly challenging run. After that I'd go to sleep and wake up a few hours later only to go biking or running yet again. People thought I was crazy. In some ways, I s'pose I thought I was crazy too. But those silly, immature days are long behind me now. When I was a child, I trained like a child; but now that I am a man, I've put away those childish ways.

And if you buy that one, I've got some ocean front property to sell you...