May 15, 2006

We're Goin To Auburn

Morning Workout
15 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

3000ish meters
Main Set: 3 x 600 meters off 30 seconds rest

Random Comments: It's an easy training week for us which, if I count correctly, is our 4th week of easy training in a row. Since next week is a recovery week, that'd be 5 straight weeks of easy training with less than two months to race day. Am I nervous about this? Hell yes I am! But the fact is that there are a few other things to be nervous about so that one will just have to wait in line. Cat and I are racing the Auburn Triathlon this weekend, a race that is also known by the somewhat daunting name: "World's Toughest Half." I'd imagine that one of the reasons they use this name is to instill fear in the race participants. I'd imagine another reason is that it looks good on t-shirts. I'm going to guess that both are true. All I know for sure is that there is a lot of uphill. A LOT of uphill. Which hurts almost as much as the downhill. And there's a lot of that too. Yep, this should be a nice, fun, relaxing weekend away with the girlfriend.

Star Spotting Of The Day: David Paymer. Also known as "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

: Starbucks in Santa Monica

What He Was Doing
: Sitting at a table, enjoying a cuppa joe, reading some Robert Crais book and trying to ignore me as I kept looking at him every few seconds whilst I tried to figure out what the heck his name is. Finally, after an IMDB search for quite a few different movies and actors I had a hunch that I should look at the actors in City Slickers and - ba-da-bing - I figured it out. I found a David Paymer in a haystack. I'm proud of myself, thank you very much. And I was just a mere few seconds away from walking up to him and saying, "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"