May 04, 2006


Morning Workout
2700 yards
Main Set: 4 x 400 yards very fast with 30 seconds rest in between each fun-filled back-and-forth

AQUA JOG, ah yes, the Aqua Jog
20 minutes

Random Comments: The Physical Therapist told me that I shouldn't run on the road for a couple of days until my back feels a bit less out of whack. I've decided to listen to her for a change. And since I haven't yet been able to lift up my bike and put it together thanks to the aforementioned jolts of pain, I guess I won't be doing any bike riding either. Which, through process of elimination, pretty much leaves me hammin' it up in the pool.

Honestly, the swim felt pretty good today, as swims go. And the aqua jog was deathly boring but otherwise uneventful. Fortunately my large angry Russian lady lover was out there with me doing her poolstair pull-ups, which after all this time haven't seemed to lessen the flapping layers of flab that waddle from her arms like a giant turkey's wattle. As I was aqua jogging by I looked at her, flashed an ear to ear grin and wished her a good morning. She looked at me with her piercing eyes peaking out from behind those oversized, pinch-worthy cheeks and stared at me blankly in the way she does. Her lips moved in what I could only surmise was some random Bolshevik murmur that may escape the lips from the last breath of an escaped convict on a freezing Siberian night. I looked closely to see if I could sense a flicker in the frown upon her huffy face but, alas, I could sense not a noodge. As I aqua jogged on by, in a sudden spurt of inspiration, I decided to assign her the loving pet name, "Nyet". Ah, my dear Nyet.

BTW, the back is starting to feel a little better. If all goes well, I'll be able to put on my socks and tie my shoes tomorrow.


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