May 13, 2006

I'm Just A Patsy

Morning Workout
2000 meters
Main Set: 2000 meters (that'd mean it was a non-stop swim, in case you was wondrin')

Heart Rate Zone: 15 minutes on bike at SST (Zone 4)/VO2 (Zone 5+), then a 2 kilometer run at SST (Zone 4) / VO2 (Zone 5+). Recover for 3 minutes. Rinse. Repeat. Then repeat again.

Random Comments: I've been having goggle problems lately. The problem is that they don't like my face. When I put the goggles on and get in the pool, everything is nice and fine. But the moment I start to swim they suddenly fill up about halfway with water. It's like they're mocking me. You want to swim underwater, they ask rhetorically in their best mob-tinged Guido-like accent. You gotta deal with me first, bucko. I control the water supply around here, the goggles mock in their derogatory tone.

Its funny how you can swim for months without a problem and then, [snap!] just like that, without any adjustments having been made, they suddenly don't stay on the face correctly. I tighten, I loosen - but mostly I just swear out loud and get frustrated. I aggressively slash the goggles off my face and shake them about the air in horror as if I could choke the frustration right out of these seemingly useless plastic annoyances. This morning it took four stops, 500 meters and a fair bit of goggle choking for me to finally get the darn things working correctly.

As for the rest of the swim, well, once I finally came to my understanding with the goggles, when we all realized who was boss, it went fairly well. That is, until I finally finished and hit the "stop" button on my watch. I looked at the watch in horror. Apparently, somewhere along the way the watch decided not to work as well.

I smell an accoutrement conspiracy brewing.