June 20, 2006

Maybe I Should Start To Enjoy Swimming. Naahhh... Maybe Next Year.

Morning Workout
3300 meters
Main Set: 20 x 100 meter sprints, easy on the "sprint"

Evening Workout
90 minutes...no scratch that...I mean 50 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

Random Comments: The swim went well this morning. Swims always seem to go well these days. You know why? Cause I don't really give a flying crap about the swim, that's why. It'll all be over in a little over an hour anyway. I can go the distance and I won't be winning any Mark Spitz awards. I've come to terms with that and that's OK. As for the run, that's another story entirely.

I love running and am trying to get over the anger of being so piddlingly slow these days. At least tonight my legs are tired, so I have an excuse to go slow for the pre-scheduled 90 minute jog. In fact, though a bit uncomfortable, the first 50 minutes went by without much drama. Unfortunately, it was right there at 50 minutes that the drama started with somewhat of a Shakespearean attitude (I don't know what that means, but it sure sounds good). It was there at 50 minutes that the electric jolt of pain streamed through my body. It was kind of like somebody took a live battery, shoved it up my ass and flipped a rather over-sized switch that may have been sporting a bright red Warning sticker. The electricity surged down my quads, through my hamstrings, past my knees, scowering my calves, scorching my achilles and bolting from the bottom of my feet. In an instant, my legs said "that's it, we're done" and within that same instant I pretty much agreed with them.

I stood there on the side of the road for a few minutes screaming in tongues... AAAAARRRHHHHH!!! GARRRUMMMPAHPPPP!!! BLLLLLEEEEHHHHAAAARRR!! Shortly there after I started swearing.

Having gotten that out of my system, I turned around and started hobbling the 2 1/2 miles back home.

You know what, I probably shouldn't take the swimming for granted after all.