June 19, 2006

Has Anybody Seen My Quadriceps? I Seem To Have Misplaced Them.

Morning Workout
Two 20 kilometer time trials with lots of warm up, cool down and rest in-between, making it something like a two hour twenty minute ride.
Heart Rate Zone: It was supposed to be an all out VO2 ride (Zone 5+) but my legs didn't seem to want to move, so I was humbly huffing and puffing in Lactate Threshold (Zone 2)

20 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: It was supposed to be a zippy AC run (Zone 3) but, again, the legs didn't want to cooperate. I had to stop and stretch out the calves three times, after the third I finally had it and just jogged my way back home, averaging a heart rate in the Aerobic (Zone 1) category. Lame-o.

Evening Workout
35 minutes

Random Comments: I woke up at 4am this morning, a whopping 5 hours of sleep, give or take something or other. I was out of bed by 5 am and got ready for my workout. My pathetic workout with my overly tired legs. Five hours later, I was finally getting on with my day. Three hours after that I really needed a nap in a big bad way. I didn't get one. I imagine I'll probably start hallucinating soon. That should be fun.