June 14, 2006

Here's The Status Report

Morning Workout
BIKE... (on the trainer)
30 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Steady State Threshold (Zone 4)

15 minutes
Heart Rate Zone: Steady State Threshold (Zone 4)

Random Comments: This morning's bike ride was pretty darn hard. As is standard, my legs got tired extremely quickly. Like usual, I was dripping sweat like a human spigot. And as is par for the course, I watched TV the entire time (the latest episode of Entourage, if you really want to know. Which, for the record, was as wonderful as always.) All in all the bike ride was pretty status quo.

Status quo.

Have you ever thought about that phrase, status quo? Or, more specifically, the word quo. Fun word, quo. I mean, I can do without status. I get a lot of status. What's the status of the project? Would you please write up a status report. Status is all over the place. It's overused, the status. But quo? Now there's a word you can wrap your arms around. It's a word you don't get to use every day. And quo is interesting. It can't really stand on it's own. It's not a loner, the quo.. To the contrary, it relies on status for it's very existence. In fact, quo owes it's life to status. Without status, there is no quo. Status is like the oxygen to quo's breathing. It is the blood that keeps quo's heart beating. Yet quo is so much more fun than status. Status is dull. Quo is exciting. Status stays home alone at night. Quo goes out on the town, rockin' it till the morning comes. Say it with me... quo. Again (and out loud this time, don't worry, nobody's listening).... quo. Quo. Isn't it great the way it takes control of your lips; the way it causes the mouth to pucker in a pre-kiss stance. Quo. Quo.

So anyway, my bike ride this morning was pretty darn hard.