June 26, 2006

I Don't Remember How To Remember

[Yesterday] Afternoon + Evening's Workout
17.25 miles, at the very least
Heart Rate Zone: Aerobic (Zone 1)

2200 yards
Main Set: Four...uh... I mean, two x 400 yards off 30 seconds rest

Random Comments: As you can imagine, I was very tired and quite a bit dehydrated after today's 17+ mile run. And knowing how finicky my body is, I grabbed a big bottle of Gatorade to take with me to the pool. Lord knows, if I don't take in some electrolytes during my swim, the aging body would inevitably cramp up. And that's bad. It hurts too.

Of course, after todays run, my brain had really changed format from a solid substance to something that more resembles Gerber's crushed peas. So somewhere between getting into the car and arriving at the pool five minutes later, I completely forgot about that Gatorade bottle that was sitting in the car's trunk. And I continued to forget about the Gatorade bottle when I started my swim. And halfway through my main set of 4 x 400 yards, when my foot cramped and hurt so much that I had to grab hold of the lane line just to stay afloat, I still didn't remember that Gatorade bottle. Even when my legs started cramping... completely no Gatorade recollection at all.

I ended my workout about 1000 yards short of what I intended to do. Feeling a bit melancholy (and a lot hungry), I walked back to my car. As I threw my swim gear in the trunk, I saw a large Gatorade bottle sitting there.

That's when I remembered.
Star Spotting Of The Day: Damon Wayans

: Ocean Blvd sidewalk, on a highly trafficked street in a bit of a seedy part of town

What He Was Doing
: Jogging. Wearing a white knit cap and a black velour sweatsuit, mind you. It was really that white knit cap that was the clincher. Nothin' like jogging through the seedy part of town in 70+ degree weather while wearing a white knit cap.

Three Things That Happened Within The Last 48 Hours That Nearly Made My Temporarily Non-Existent Ironman Career Permanently Non-Existent

1. The very large black SUV with the tinted windows that whiffed by me so closely at over 50mph while I was riding my bike. I could almost feel it brush by the hair on my arms.

2. Mile 16 of my run, about to make the final turn and head on the final mile back home. As I looked back to make sure there was no traffic coming, I stepped right into a big ditch.

3. There are two steps leading from the door of my masseuse's place. I twisted my ankle and nearly tripped off the first step.