March 10, 2008

Swim All Over Me

Afternoon Workout
3500 yards (speed work)
Main Set: 6x(100 easy + 2x 50 hard with 15 sec rest + 2x 50 hard with 5 sec rest) + 20x 25 at throw-up pace.

Mental state: Peachy keen

Physical state: I think my shoulders dislocated somewhere in the middle of the 50s. It was like swimming with a couple-a rubber bands for arms.

Random Comments: How come it's always where I am that seems to attract the older people who always swim in the center of the lane?

I don't want anymore flippers smacking me in the face. I'm getting sick of flailing hands thrashing me in the legs. I don't want to have to swim so close to the buoys that I smack hands with the person in the neighboring lane (who, by the way, happens to be wearing a big college ring or something of the sort that practically rips through my hand). And I've definitely had enough with stubbing my finger on the lane line buoys and replaying that fear in my head about breaking my fingers before race day. Breaking fingers on the buoys while swimming laps is almost as embarrassing as getting run over by a Port-a-John.

I suppose this says something about my swimming. Perhaps I have a swim stroke that makes people feel comfortable. They look at me going back and forth and think, why that seems like a nice enough chap. I think, by golly, I'll just jump into the lane with him and see if I can push him into the buoys.

Maybe I need to act more forceful.
Maybe I just need to figure out how to do a flip-turn. If you flip-turn, they don't have time to ask if they can share the lane. As for me, I touch the wall at each lap and look up. It's as if there's a sign on my forehead that says, come on in. Swim all over me. I don't care.

Yeah, I definitely need to learn how to do a flip-turn.


Trihardist said...

Yeah . . . but maybe not until after IMAZ. After that, you're going to get into the pool and show that flip turn who's boss!

ChrisM said...

Whoa, three in a row, I'm getting dizzy....... I thought the crap incident was at the crappy pool. It was the GOOD pool? And I was thinking about swimming there with ya sometime.......