November 12, 2006

The Ice Pack And The Couch

I am laying on the couch as I write this. I am laying here with a big bag of ice on my calf. The ice is really cold, as ice tends to be - it is so cold that it hurt my leg for the first few minutes of impact. Which I suppose is ironic in some remote way since I put the ice on my calf because I was having calf pain in the first place. At this point, though, my calf is so numb I can't feel a darn thing anyway, so I suppose none of it matters.

When I stand up to bring the ice pack back to the kitchen and into the freezer, I know my leg will feel wierd. It will probably even feel like it hurts more than it did before. That's what ice does to me. I'm guessing it is because the cold contracts my muscles so it makes it more painful to walk. That sounds reasonable enough. Wait a minute, does cold contract muscles? I have no idea. It sounds good though, let's run with it.

I am smack dab in the middle of the off-season right now and so I like to think that this is an off-season injury that will get better by the time the regular season approaches and never show it's painful face again until the new season has been laid to rest. It all started with my slow four mile run last Sunday. I got a pain in my calf about 2 blocks from the finish, so I stopped and walked it in. Two days later, I went out for another slow morning run. It was less than a quarter mile before my calf decided to fight back. I stopped immediately and walked the two blocks back home.

Now it hurts to even walk. I can massage it a little, but it hurts to the touch. From the feel of it, I won't be running anytime soon. Say goodbye to the planned Turkey Trot. And I suppose I'll just be a spectator for the annual Christmas 10k run this year. I really want to do a Christmas morning run. I love Christmas morning runs. I sure hope I heal by then.

The good thing though is that I'm not as stressed about this injury as I get about injuries during the racing season. I suppose I should be more stressed about it to make sure I'm diligent in the healing process but, frankly, I more than happy just to sit on the couch, write, read and relax.

Better yet, perhaps I'll start my online christmas shopping a little early. So.... whattaya want?


triathlonmom said...

Man, I really, really need a new bike! Think you can swing that?

Oh, and thanks for offering to buy us xmas gifts rather than SELL us xmas gifts like some other blogg3rs that shall r3main nam3less. The crappy part is I really want one of those sweatshirts...I just don't have $35 to spend on one.