November 23, 2006

Triathlon Has Eaten Up Thanksgiving

I'm sure you've heard all the rage about the Turducken. Not that the Turducken is a new concept. In fact, the concept of stuffing a whole animal into another animal is apparently a French thing dating back to the middle ages. Though, if I were a betting man, I'd say the French probably stole the concept from the Italians, like they did with most of those Middle Age-era food "discoveries."

Paul Prudhomme (who, incidentally, is one of my favorite cajun chefs) has been credited with creating the actual concept of the Turducken and apparently making it a cajun delicacy. For those of you not familiar with the wonder of the Turducken, it is a real thing, unlike the Jackalope and Santa Claus. A Turducken is a deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned duck stuffed with a deboned chicken.

Three animals in one. Which reminds me of a sport that is three sports in one.

I wonder if Paul Prudhomme was a triathlete.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat lots.
Eat more.


Anonymous said...

We in Wisconsin would add a brat and then call it a meal.

triathlonmom said...

You are too funny! I can't believe I never heard of Turducken before. Maybe it's because i'm a vegetarian who had Quorn ( otherwise known as fungus for Thanksgiving diner!