November 21, 2006

Meaningless Things I've Wanted To Share

Actual names of people that attended Jury Duty with me:
* Grace Kelly
* Adolf Gunther

Things I've seen that you'd only see in Los Angeles:
* Homeless man with his own website

* A guy snoring so loudly in the movie theatre that the entire theatre could hear him and despite many people yelling "wake him up!" nobody would wake him, even the movie theatre manager looked at him and walked out of the theatre.

* People taking their dogs for a walk in doggie strollers - they look exactly like strollers for toddlers, but they are made to fit a dog on top.

* People walking two dogs in a double doggie stroller

* Two Middle Eastern women on the eliptical machines at the gym, one in full camouflage clothing (long pants, long sleeve shirt) and talking nonstop in some arabic language that has lots of cchhh's and other similarly throat clearing gutteral sounds... All I could hear was blach blach blach police officer blach blach blach resisting arrest. Meanwhile, the yapping woman in camouflage is going so friggin slowly on the eliptical machine that every five seconds the machine lets out a very loud "BEEEEP!" and the display says "Paused" because she isn't even going fast enough to register movement and then five seconds after that it lets out another equally annoying "BLEEEEP!" and starts the timer up again and it does this back and forth "BEEEP!", "BLEEEP!", "BEEP!", "BLEEEP!" and on and on again for what seems like fifteen minutes but Ms Camouflage isn't paying an ounce of attention to any of this because she won't shut up about whatever she is yammering away on, all the while pointing down at the swimmers in the pool below us while she utters the random nonsense about "police," "resisting arrest," and other similarly concerning words that I can't quite pick out and probably rather not understand. Oh, and she smells really badly.


Anonymous said...

We get that last one in detroit too but they are usually wearing full head scarves