November 22, 2006

Tuesdays With Joe

Carpe Josiah Messius: Seize The Sloppy Joe

I loved Tuesday's when I was a kid. Tuesday, you see, was Sloppy Joe day at school. I remember sitting in my classes on Tuesday mornings, staring impatiently at the clock and feeling desperate, as if time had stood still. I'd count the seemingly endless minutes until the end of class. With only seconds to go before the class finished, my books were already closed, my legs twisted out from under my desk in anticipation until, finally, the sweet chime of the lunch bell would awaken the hunger-driven butterflies in my stomach.

Before the sounds of the ringing bell even finished echoing off the walls, I'd be walk-running to the lunch room, a little more oomph in my step than the day before while trying not to come across as too much of a geek. I desperately wanted to be as close to the front of the lunch line as possible. I desperately wanted to sink my teeth into a hot, fresh Sloppy Joe.

My mouth would water in anticipation as I stood in line, tray in hand, watching the hair-netted cafeteria workers in front of me scoop up the steaming, sweet smelling "joe" onto the soft, yellow hamburger buns. I wanted to be up front, I wanted to eat. I silently tried to move the line faster, to get me to the front. Go, I'd whisper to myself. Move. Faster. Faster!

Finally I'd be there, my legs nearly twitching from the nervous excitement as the netted woman handed the white plate over the counter to me. I'd place it down on my tray and gaze with glowing joy at the meat-filled bun sloppily spreading savory happiness over the clean white plate. I rushed to the closest table, eager to sink my teeth into heaven's treat.

I loved the Sloppy Joe.

Shortly after middle school, the Sloppy Joe seemed to fade away from my diet, taking a back seat in place of more familiar lunch time fare. The bologna sandwich. Hamburger and fries. Grilled cheese. The standards. At just about the same point in life, Tuesday's also tended to lose their appeal.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

So I've decided to try and live my life like those long lost Tuesdays.
Carpe Josiah Messius.


jbmmommy said...

Now I know what I want for dinner. Too bad dinner is still 10+ hours away. Mmm, turkey joes. (it may be blasphemous to some but we're a ground turkey/chicken family) Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Man, you're THAT kid in class?!? Enjoy the Joe though.