September 12, 2006

Things That Hurt Me During This Week's Runs For No Apparent Reason

My left hamstring
The lower part of my right shin
The outside of my right knee
The top of my left foot
My left achilles
My lower back
My left calf
Now my right calf
Now my left calf again
The bottom of my feet
My right ankle
My heart for wanting so badly to enjoy my runs and once again feel the life-affirming freedom and peaceful serenity of movement.


Star Spotting Of The Day: George Carlin, Mr Seven Dirty Words himself.

Location: a votre sante (a casual restaurant in Brentwood for the tofu loving, Birkenstock-wearing wealthy and beautiful types.)

What He Was Doing: Having dinner with his daughter.. or date... or publicist. It's so difficult to tell the difference between them all in this hedonistically nauseating, morally corrupt town. Either way, George didn't look funny. Not that I expected him too. I just thought you might want to know.


Baun said...

At least your gnads don't hurt... :)