September 14, 2006

The Road To Recovery, That A-Way -->

Good news my friends. This week's workouts have made it clear - I am definitely on the Post-Ironman road to recovery. Woohooo! I'm so goddam ecstatic I could practically pee in my pants which, ironically, is what I was doing during my Ironman training.

I knew it'd take me a bit of time to recover, and I'm really happy that I'm finally feeling better, but this is flat out ridiculous. I mean, let's get real people. I did Ironman Lake Placid on July 23rd. It is September 14th now. After some swift calculations I've realized it has, without question, been more than 21 days (which is the most I can count up to on my ten fingers, ten toes and one....ummm.... schwinkle.)

I can't help but think that maybe I didn't follow the right path to recovery. Here's what happened...

After I left Lake Placid I hopped on the Highway to Happiness. I must've gotten off at the wrong exit because all of the sudden I found myself limping down Painful Place. Little did I know, but Painful Place dead ends at BenGay Boulevard, though I didn't see that anywhere on Google Maps. So I took a U-turn, hoping to find the Highway to Happiness again. I didn't. But somehow I wound up on Waddle Way so I just took that all the way into Frustrationville and locked myself in a hotel for the week. I really wanted to get home - and the people in Frustrationville are kinda dicks - so I jumped back in the car, took a right hand turn out of the parking lot and pounded the accelerator to go as fast as I could down Push Too Hard Pike, (which, for the record, is a toll road so be prepared to stop and start a whole bunch more than you want.) Again, bad idea cause Push Too Hard Pike just led me straight to BurnOut Boulevard. As we all know, that winds up in a perpetual traffic circle. Well, I was pretty tired at that point and apparently I fell asleep or passed out at the wheel or something, cause when I finally came to, I was driving under an arch that said "Thanks For Visiting Slow And Agonizing, Come Back Again." The thing is, I don't even remember going through Slow and Agonizing, which is scary. Lo and behold, only a few miles later I saw an arrow pointing to Recovery. I looked at the map and had no clue how the hell I got there, but no matter. I was glad to see the sign anyway. So I took a right hand turn and went down that road.

And that's where I am right now. On the road to Recovery.
I can't see Recovery yet, but it can't be too far away. I really hope I get there soon - I think I'm starting to enjoy my workouts again.

Catherine and I are running the New York Marathon on November 5th. Lord knows I'll probably get lost after that one, once again desperately trying to find my way back home.

I sure could use a better map.


CRBondur said...

Just a quick FYI - The road to recovery requires lost of STRETCHING (and ibuprofen)!! That's the best way to get your body back into a semblance of normal without the pounding or lactic acid build up of normal workouts.