July 21, 2006

What Goes Up, Must Lead To Lake Placid

Morning Workout
1 hour easy spin on the course

Random Comments: T minus 2 days. We are registered and as ready to race as we'll ever be. Cat and I just finished driving the bike course. What with all of the hills, I'd have to imagine that driving the course is much easier than actually biking the damn thing. They say "what goes up must come down" but according to my calculations, the Lake Placid Ironman bike course may very well prove that wrong. That said, there are no big 7-mile canyon climbs like Cat and I are accustomed to training on. Rather than severe climbs, it seems that this race course just continues to roll its way uphill until you're finally at the top and have to do it all over again.

As we near race day, the tension is definitely building, as is the excitement. I'd imagine the melancholy will kick in tomorrow. Then the anxiety, fear, pain, disbelief, enthusiasm and overjoy. In that order.