July 22, 2006

The Adrenaline Alone Could Kill Me

Tomorrow is race day. Ironman USA 2006. When the sparrows start singing at seven o'clock, Cat and I will be venturing off on our 140.6 mile journey, a celebration of the training that began some seven months ago. (Wait a minute, did I say "when the sparrows start singing"?! That's retarded. I meant to say, "when the gun goes off".... umm...same thing).

It's been raining all day today which has gotten me into quite the funk, and not the good George Clinton type of funk. We spent the afternoon outside in the pouring rain for about 4 hours trying to finish all the final things we need to do and by the end of it all I was drenched, freezing and really angry. If there is a Superman up there, I hope he makes the rain stop for tomorrow. Pretty please.

It is 7:00 pm right now. 12 hours until start time. And a few minutes before I crawl into bed. I'm sure the 4am wake-up will be here in just a couple of seconds. And then it's go time.

I'm scared.
I'm excited.
I'm scared.