October 08, 2005

...And Then There Were Two

The good thing about traveling to the east coast is that when I come back, I'm wide awake by 5am everyday. I love that. So there was no need to set the alarm this morning for the 7am bike ride with Rich and Cat. The plan was to go on a nice 44 mile ride to Malibu and back, and then go out to breakfast and talk about the Ironman plans. You know, training, travel and all that stuff.

Cat comes over early and we ride down to the agreed upon Ocean Avenue starting point. Is Rich there waiting for us? Of course not. Heaven forbid. Fifteen minutes later he finally shows up ready to ride.

We just start off when he drops the bomb... he's decided not to race Ironman USA. WHAAAA?!!?! He and his wife have been talking about rebuilding their house for years. In fact, he's used it as an excuse for years. Now, apparently they are going to rebuild it this year and he can't take the time off of work. Can't take the time off of work?! He says this to a guy who works 70+ hour weeks, travels constantly (please refer to aforementioned American Airlines tattoo on my ass) and has to report directly to the CEO of a public company. Rich, on the other hand, works for himself. He's concerned that he won't be able to get out for bike rides at 4pm because he has to work. Bike rides at 4pm?!?! Hell, try bike rides at 4am! THAT's what we'll be doing in advance of the runs at 8pm!

On top of that, it adds a bit more stress to just Cat and I training together now. Rich was a good buffer. But we decided that, as punishment, he needs to be our support crew - our Training Bitch. Rich, the Training Bitch. It even flows.